Making of a Champion

Achieving Success in life is the focus of the Making of a Champion Programme. Designed specifically for teenagers and young adults, this unique programme presents a message and methodology to develop the desire, habits, confidence, and attitudes of a champion.

This action-packed programme uses the success stories of high performers and achievers from all walks of life to inspire and motivate.

Each programme is designed to fit conveniently into the pupil’s timetable dovetailing seamlessly with their regular routine.

The Plan of Action is designed to be used in both the short and long-term, acting as a Route-Map on the Journey to Success!

This powerful combination of tools inspires the pupil with confidence in themselves, their abilities and their futures as they become more focused and more organised. They learn the secrets of forward planning, used by the most successful people in the world today!

The Making Of a Champion programme includes:

  • 10 Independent Study Sessions
  • Audio CD’s (MP3 Downloads) to reinforce the Concepts and Principles
  • Action Steps to help implement important Goals

A fun, and integral part of the overall success of the programme are the dynamic facilitation meetings where participants have an opportunity to express their ideas and feedback on how they have been inspired. Enthusiastic participation enhances their confidence and desire to really make the most of their talents and opportunities.

A brief Summary of the 10 modules covered in the Programme

  • Desire – where motivation begins
  • Potential – realising your abilities
  • Personal goals – giving direction to your dreams
  • Dedication – paying the price
  • Work – preparation for victory
  • Determination – the refusal to quit
  • Courage – facing challenges with confidence
  • Concentration & visualisation
  • Perspective – putting the proper value on winning
  • An achiever’s attitude – a quest for the best.