Effective Sales Strategies

Turn your sales goals into done deals by learning secrets from the pros. From prospecting to closeing, here’s a proven plan for winning. If your sales force is plodding along without clear direction we provide a way to get them focused on success.

Our Business and Personal Plans of Action offer thought provoking exercises and questionnaires that motivate average salespeople to become top producers. What are my financial goals? What do I need to do to reach my goals? How can I use my time more effectively? How can I be more productive.

Through insightful planning guides participants are called upon to crystalize their thinking and schedule specific action steps to achieve their goals and visions for the future.

Effective Selling Strategies is a dynamic process that is on-going and offers long-term dividends for the life your company.

LMI’s Effective Selling Strategies will help sales people:

  • Learn the art of prospecting
  • Form good work habits
  • Prepare an effective presentation
  • Discover prime buying motives
  • Recognize buying signals
  • Become an expert closer
  • Handle the price objection