Henk Koekemoer, Associate at LCMA

Me6 Henk Koekemoer is a training specialist, facilitator and assessor. He holds a B.Ed teacher diploma and is a registered BankSeta facilitator and assessor. He has been facilitating training programs in the private / public sector for the past 18 years.During this time he specialized in facilitation and training Credit Management, Financial Management, General Management and various skills programs. His clients include the major banking institutions (ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank) and various South African blue chip companies (Pick & Pay, Damelin). He is also the author and developer of various training programs.

Henk is also the founder/owner of a company called Ebony & Ivory Consultancy. In this capacity he has created & developed Accounting learner & teacher resource products called CashCow.

These products make learning & teaching of basic Accounting fun & interactive. The products are listed with the Department of Basic Education and are currently being used by various FET Colleges, High Schools and Home School Students across South Africa.

Kevan Wright, Associate at LCMA

Me6 Kevan’s rich and diverse career spans an excess of 30 years, during which time he has acquired extensive experience in the corporate environment, as well as establishing and managing his own successful businesses. During this time he has fulfilled a broad spectrum of roles, ranging from engineering and project management, through to successful sales and leadership positions.In 2009 he made a significant career shift by following his passion of developing and uplifting individuals and their contribution in the workplace, a decision that he says has enriched his life.As a qualified and experienced facilitator and coach, underpinned by his energetic passion, Kevan’s ability to relate to, and identify with the challenges faced in the workplace has assisted numerous individuals to achieve balance, direction and alignment – essential, but often overlooked components of productivity.

Kevan quotes his three driving passions as:

  • Understanding and embracing the purpose of our existence and everything that we do, and the alignment of that purpose to the greater good
  • Approaching everything that happens with a positive view, even if it is merely a learningexperience
  • Striving for and maintaining balance in life.

Marina Van Zyl, Associate at LCMA

Me6 Marina comes from a Project Management background with managing projects in the Retail, Banking, Cellular and IT industry. She owned her own business and understands management of people and business in a challenging environment.Marina is an excellent communicator, a go-getter who considers punctuality, positiveness, reliability and innovation as some of her core values. She is an original thinker who thrives on challenges and is a dynamic leader who are inspired and who is inspirational.

Marina strives to succeed and set high aspirations for herself. With being proactive and demonstrating an upbeat, passionate approach, supports her efforts to take the least to make things happen. She seeks new opportunities to develop and grow other which keeps her consistently challenged. Making a positive change in the lives of others adds meaning to her life.

Marina sees possibilities where others cannot and have an understanding of the steps needed to get there. Marina has values in place that demonstrates care for the greater good of making a difference.